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> Commentary
April 27, 2006

A Call to Action


This editor has made his views fairly well known as it concerns illegal immigration.

We’re against it. Big time.

We’re totally supportive of immigrants . . . as long as they’ve gone through the legal process.

As we mentioned in last week’s commentary, the elected representatives seem to have awakened and recognized that a lot of us are totally fed up with the lack of enforcement of existing immigration law, and the need to get tough and make sure that not only is the law enforced but new legislation be enacted to address the issue and to do it promptly.

This issue is such a hot issue I’m amazed that the President did not require Congress to vacate their ‘vacation time,’ which they call a recess, and require them to stay in the Capitol until some type of compromise legislation was achieved. They didn’t. Now it is necessary that each of us contact our legislators and let them know how strongly we feel about this issue.

Let’s start with the Governor.

Let us each deliver a message to the Governor’s office about our strong support for SECURING OUR BORDER.

Further, we need to calmly but forcefully stress to the Governor that the Border is Out of Control and it Must be Secured Now! And if the federal government won’t do it, then the Governor must!

We might also calmly but firmly advise the Governor’s office that we are fed up with mobs of people taking over the streets, that it’s well beyond time for our government to do something about the problem.

You might suggest also that we don’t want the Governor to be a ‘girlie man’ when it comes to dealing with our border security.

A concerted action on our parts, repeated phone calls to the Governor’s office . . . calling until the lines are busy, busy, busy, will get the Governor’s attention.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

San Diego Office
1350 Front Street
Suite 6054
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-525-4641
Fax: 619-525-4640

Such a suggestion was sent to us via email by several active members of the community who, like you and I, are fed up with the inaction on the part of our government. This is essentially their message . . . I merely pass it on because I agree with it.

They recognize the fact that elected officials are political animals. If they hear enough hell being raised by the electorate they pay attention. More importantly, they take action. Action is what we have needed for years. Action is what we must have this year.

The situation has been allowed to deteriorate far too long.

Finally, the momentum on this issue of illegal immigration has begun to build. It needs to continue . . . it needs continued pressure by you, by me, by the community on our elected representatives.

I’d recommend calling our Congress Critter’s office as well but, well, we don’t have one. He’s in prison. Seems he got caught with his dirty paws in the cookie jar. All the more reason for us to send a member of Congress to Washington with his (not her) marching orders. The message to “Congressman Bilbray” is in the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy, “Get ‘Er Done!”