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> Featured Merchants
April 27, 2006

Ferris Communications


hat does it take to make a successful business? Vision is one important element. Now in their 20th year, Ferris Communications is an outstanding example of a business that has always had the vision to look into the future and determine the needs for their consumers.

Now, with the recent merger of Sprint with Nextel, Ferris Communications offers an even greater amount of service to an even larger market. For years, Nextel was the state-of-the-art supplier of cell phone technology to the business market. Meanwhile, Sprint was actively and efficiently serving the consumer market. Now these two giants in the industry have merged and offer the best of both worlds to both consumer and business community alike.

Back in November of 1985 Doug Ferris, and his dad, Doug Ferris, Sr., saw that cellular phones were going to be in big demand. He decided to go into the business. In 1995 this little company had grown to the point that they became the agency for Nextel, and now Sprint as well, and today they rank as one of the major communications companies in all of San Diego County.

Today, Doug Ferris delights in explaining the many ideas for great new equipment and gifts available at Ferris Communications. You may wish to surprise that businessman with a Blackberry cell phone, another state of the art communication device. Or, how about a new Sprint phone with all the extras? Text messaging, camera, MP3 player . . . or how about a Sprint “Air Card?” Use your cellphone most anywhere! There’s a whole family inventory available at Ferris Communication. Just stop by and ask them for help in planning your communication needs. Doug Ferris continues to oversee his Ferris Communications business, seeing to it that his customers are given great sales support and service after the sale. Have a question on cell phones? He has a staff that can get all the answers for you! Give ‘em a call at Ferris Communications. (760) 744 6887.

The Perez Group

When Charlie Perez gets involved with a project, he means business!

For years Charlie was involved in not only the dry cleaning industry but investing in real estate. His father and grandfather had also been active in real estate both as investors, brokers, and developers.

Since becoming actively involved in real estate Charlie had developed a catch phrase that says it all . . . “Call now and start packing!” He means it! So much so that he even goes one step further . . . “You list with us, we’ll sell your home in 60 days . . . or we’ll buy it!”

Charlie Perez

The Perez Group relies on not only Charlie, but his dad, Joe Perez, and his son, Mark Perez.

As Charlie sees it, he’s just continuing a rich tradition his family has followed for years.

“We know real estate,” he says. “We’ve owned it, bought it, sold it, appraised it. We know what it takes to get property sold and we back it up with our 60 day guarantee . . . if it doesn’t sell in 60 days . . . Bingo! We buy it from you. It’s that simple.”

The Perez Group also provides Information Hotlines at 1.888.530.3731. Call there and you’ll be given a menu of a variety of items of interest regarding all phases of real estate.

Ably assisting Charlie is his son,
Mark, who helps out in selling, in public and community relations, and preparing the dazzling graphic presentations you see associated with The Perez Group.
Living quite comfortably in Escondido, Charlie dotes on his lovely wife, Letty, and his two beautiful daughters, Bea, age eight and Karla, age six.

Having grown up in El Monte, Charlie learned in the early 1970’s that life was just more liveable and more fun in San Diego County . . . so, in 1973 he moved here and has made his mark as a successful businessman ever since.

Mark Perez

He and his family have demonstrated a consistent strong work ethic and look forward eagerly to challenging projects.

Chances are, if you have entertained the thought of selling your property . . . it just might be time well spent to give The Perez Team a call. Check out what they have to offer. No obligation, of course. Just call them at 803.5417.