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> Real Estate
April 13, 2006

Anna B. Cox
Sales Associate
RE/MAX Professionals

Professional Real Estate Advice


ne of the reasons John Puhek’s RE/MAX Professionals office in San Marcos has been so successful is because John recognizes needs in the marketplace and then fills those needs.

John saw a need for young couples and Latino couples who wanted their own home. That’s just one reason why he brought on board Alma B. Cox and her Team. Alma has years of both real estate and financial experience, both on the east coast as well as the Pacific Northwest and right here in San Diego County.

She selected her Team so that all three complement one another. Her Team is bi-lingual and can be of service to anyone who is looking for a home in North County, or is looking to sell a home. The Team is cross trained in both real estate and finance. This makes it easier to put real estate deals together. Often, it’s the financing that can make or break a deal and this Team knows how to put deals together. This is especially important to young couples, and to Latino families, both anxious to start building equity in their very own home.

The Anna B. Cox Team can show you how to achieve your dreams for a home of your own! And you know what? There’s even another bonus! You don’t have to be a young couple or Latino to benefit from her knowledge, contacts and experience! All you need is to want top real estate representation!

Call the Anna B. Cox Team at (619) 318.1264!