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Find The Paper
May 4, 2006

Where can I find the paper?

Just about everywhere!

Escondido  •  Lake San Marcos  •  San Marcos  •  Carlsbad 



Truly Yours Restaurant

E. Valley Pkwy/Midway

E.Valley Comm Library

2245 E. Valley Pkwy

CD's Pizza

2335 E. Valley Pkwy

Valley Chiropractor

2335 H East Valley Pkwy

Downey S.& L.

2335 E. Valley Pkwy

Rancho Satelite

1980 B East Valley Pkwy


1300 E. Valley Pkwy

Fantastic Sam's

1301 E. Valley Pkwy


Valley @ Broadway

Auditory Assistants

430 N. Cedar ST Ste A

City Clerk's City Hall

Broadway at Valley Pkwy

Palomar Hospital


Redwood Town Court

Hickory & E. Valley Pkwy

Charlie's Restaurant

Ivy and Valley Pkwy

Chamber of Commerce

Broadway & Park

Kaiser Clinic

Broadway at Mission

Kaiser Pharmacy

Broadway & Mission

Holiday Wine Cellar

Mission/Center City Pkwy

Golden Egg Omelet

Mission/Center City Pkwy

Wagon Wheel Restaurant

Mission/Center City Pkwy

7/11 Store

850 W. Mission


1105 W. Mission

Pine Tree Lumber

707 N. Andreason

Long's Drug Store

1560 Valley Pkwy

Sports Authority

1356 W. Valley Pkwy

Coco's Restaurant

W. Valley at I-15

*7/11 Store

W. Valley at I-15

La Tapiatta

340 W. Grand

Bank of Escondido

200 W. Grand

Downtown Deli

138 W. Grand Ave


114 W. Grand

French Bakery

145 W. Grand

Champion's Restaurant

137 W. Grand

Escondido Library

2nd & Kalmia

Mexican Seafood

145 E. Grand

Artisan's Gallery

224 E. Grand

Taste of Florence

340 E. Grand

The Sculpture Salon

401 E. Grand

Chaser's Deli

418 E. Grand

Glass Shack

453 E. Valley Pkwy

Maiboxes Etc

306 N. El Norte Pkwy

El Norte Medical Group

306 S. El Norte Pkwy

Digi Dog

302 W. El Norte Pkwy

Dairy Queen

310 El Norte Pkwy

Savon Drug

318 W. El Norte Pkwy

AM/PM Store

450 El Norte Pkwy

Citracado Dental

500 W. El Norte Pkwy

Star Mart Texaco Wash

El Norte Pkwy at I-15

Sushi Harbor

1016 W. El Norte Pkwy

Safari Coffee

1016 W. El Norte Pkwy

Redwood Terrace

710 Thirteenth Ave

Westside Café

Redwood at 9th Ave

A & G Automotive

1630 S. Escondido Blvd


S. Center City at Felicita

Mailboxes Etc

S. Center City at Felicita


S. Center City at Felicita

Brigantine Restaurant

S. Center City at Felicita

Lake San Marcos

Dr. Moe, Med. Office

1635 LSM Drive

Leanne's Café

1145 San Marino DR

Quails Inn

Gordon's on the Green

Golf Course Snack Bar

San Marcos

Dr. Pearson, Vet.

Pal Airport RD/RSF RD

Lorine's Country Café

Pal Airport RD/RSF RD

The Engraving Place

756 S. RSF Road

Lake View Florist

720 S. RSF RD

UPS Store

663 S.RSF RD

Fosters Donuts

627 S RSF RD

San Marcos Car Wash

355 S.RSF RD

Workout Express

317 S. RSF RD

Chocolates, Etc

189 S. RSF RD

Golden Donuts

1281 N. Santa Fe Ave

S. M. Chamber of Com

939 Grand Ave

John Smylie Law Office

3643 Grand Ave

S.D. Credit Union

S.M. Blvd & Bent Ave

Grandpa Allen's

950 K. West S.M. Blvd

Eagle Bowling Alley

945 W. S.M. Blvd

Century 21

904 W. S.M. Blvd

Computer Factory

847 W. S.M. Blvd

TLC Car Wash

740 W. S.M. Blvd

Soc. Sec. Admin

367 Via Vera Cruz

Burgers & Brew

Restaurant Row

Fish House Vera Cruz

Restaurant Row

Friar's Folly

Restaurant Row

Aloha Deli

402 Las Posas

Ferris Communication

Linda Vista at Las Posas

Boys & Girls Club

260 Pico Ave

Joslyn Senior Center

111 Richmar Ave

S. M. Post Office

420 N. Twin Oaks Valley RD

S. M. Library

Civic Center

S. M. City Hall

Civic Center

S. M. Community Ctr

Civic Center

La Fe Tortilleria

462 W. Mission Blvd

S. M. Family Restaurant

Mulberry Plaza

RE/MAX Realty

1645 Capalina Rd. Suite 100

Dalton's Roadhouse

775 Center DR


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