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 Life Lessons October 19th, 2006

Steve Truscott
Owner and Master Instructor


Who Ya Gonna call?

In the last article I tried to convince you of two things:

1. Most street crime is not random.
2. Modifying our own behavior can reduce crime against us.

So who are these people who would threaten us, hurt us, rob us, even take us away from our families forever? Stanton Samenow is an expert who has spent his professional career studying just this question, and he concludes "The criminal values people only to the extent that they can be manipulated; he believes he is entitled to whatever he desires; he does not have to justify himself."

Obviously these folks have a different set of values than you or I, and therefore a different mind-set about violence and threats of violence. They are predators, and they will rely on surprise and shock to freeze and control us. Faced with one of these predators who ya gonna call?

The police? Obviously police officers cannot be everywhere at once and neither would we wish them to be. Allowing for three shifts, vacation, sick leave, training, command and communication responsibilities, and court appearances, it is normal for less than 20% of our city's police to be out in force at any time.

So who ya gonna call? Your dog? Your huge brother-in-law? The baseball bat in the trunk of your car? Your gun at home in the safe? If any of these had been visible, you probably wouldn't have been targeted in the first place. You wish you had been more vigilant. You will be tempted to make a deal with God or, worse yet, with your attacker.

Your attacker is prepared. He has had lots of practice. These tactics have worked for him many times before. It is too late to convince him to change his ways this minute just for you. So who ya gonna call?

The only person you can call on is yourself. It will take all the mental strength you possess, because only your own mind-set and actions can change your attacker's mind. We all know this to be true, yet we allow fear - our innate and logical fear of pain - to freeze us and defeat us just as the predator predicted.

But what do actual crime statistics say? Here are four important measures of the results of victim resistance:

  1. Success of assault: active resistance causes attack failure or interruption.
  2. Duration of assault: the shorter the ordeal the less the victim suffers.
  3. Physical injury: greater only when victim resists with insufficient force to escape.
  4. Psychological damage: resistance reduces feelings of guilt, humiliation, and vulnerability, usually the longest lasting of all injuries.

Sandy Strong , 20 year SDPD veteran and Self Protection expert asserts "Criminals plan their assaults; we must plan our defense." Family Karate offers Self Protection courses that are simple, direct, and most importantly effective under the debilitating stress of combat. If you are serious about protecting your family from predators, please call me today.


Steve Truscott, the son of missionaries, was raised in India, educated in British schools. His first language was Marathi, the language of west India, his second was Hindi, third was English. Today he is only fluent in English but understands the other two languages. Family Karate has five locations in San Diego County with over 1000 students, 250 in Escondido alone. Respect, Responsibility, Courtesy, Integrity, all are taught first, at Family Karate. Call 746-0983




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