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  Commentary July 19th, 2007


by lyle e davis

There is a mighty fine gentleman leaving the newspaper field shortly. Dick High, publisher of the North County Times, has decided to retire.
While technically we are competitors I always though of Dick first as a friend, as a first class newspaperman second, a genuinely classy guy third, and somewhere down the line, a competitor.

He’s smart as a whip, holding an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business ---- a school where not just anybody can get in. He is the founding publisher of The North County Times . . . and retires, at age 65, with a tremendous record of success and of service to the community.

High is the founding publisher of the North County Times and has been running their operation for the past 12 years. His successor, Peter York, effectively became the new publisher July 1st but Dick will be sticking around till September 1st, helping Mr. York get oriented.

High intends on spending lots of time with his favorite hobby of astronomy, and spending more time with his wife and his family.

Meanwhile, there’s another North County Times staffer we’d like to not only tip our hat to but to give a warm virtual hug . . . and that would be Kent Davy, the Editor of the North County Times.

Kent is on leave presently, tending to his lovely wife, Joel, who is under hospice care for terminal lung cancer that has spread throughout her body. Kent, from time to time, has shared with his readers this difficult journey he and his wife have made as they battle together to celebrate life for just as long as they are possibly able. His tender, touching recounting of their moments together, are full of beauty and love and feeling . . . . writings that one feels privileged to read. They are some of the most beautiful love letters you will ever read.

I’ve never met Joel but through Kent’s writings we all feel as though we’ve come to know her and, to some ever so small extent, come to experience the love and affection these two have shared, and continue to share. To Kent, and Joel, you have a lot of people out here in the big old world pulling for you. We wish nothing but peace and comfort for you both.

Dick High, Retiring Publisher, North County Times
Photo courtesy North County Times, HAYNE PALMOUR IV Staff Photographer

Guest Commentary

It has been noted that San Marcos Mayor, Jim Desmond, has called for a "study on traffic jams." Kudos and compliments to him for his concern.

The population growth has already surpassed the infrastructure's capacity to accommodate the traffic. Representing the North County Transit District as Manager of Bus Routes, Stefan Mark's observation that a two car train can carry more than 250 passengers compared to only 37 on a Breeze bus is just another projection to justify the Sprinter Project. . She is now jockying bus schedules around to accommodate the Sprinter, rather than the people who must depend on public transportation.

When was the last time you saw one of the Breeze busses that travel our city streets with more than just a handful, and often no passengers? Imagine what the 250 passenger Sprinter is going to look like, as it makes its twice an hour run with 15 stops along a 22 mile route as "a main east-west public transit artery"? Unless hundreds of passengers access the stations along the line, the Sprinter is going nowhere that bus routes haven't covered.

I respectfully suggest to the North County Transit District that speculation be more rational so the taxpayers won't be disappointed and finally question their half billion dollar investment in the Sprinter, plus the over one million dollar a month operational and mainentance expenses, with no one to be held accountable. Good luck to Mayor Desmond for the study on traffic jams.

/s/Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA
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