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Public Pulse December 6th, 2007

The Editor

Unhappy With Albertson’s

I find it hard to belive that it is necessary to have an urgent care clinic in a grocery store like Albertson’s. I realize people pick up prescriptions in the store, but it can only get worse if those customers are contagious, have staph infections, sitting around, not knowing what they have.

I thought grocery stores had to abide with the health and sanitation regulations. What about the people who work in that store? I don’t go to the grocery store for urgent care, how many will?

/s/M. Bott
Escondido, Ca.

Stop Transgender Education Bill (SB 777)

Dear Editor:

Senate Bill 777 recently signed by the Governor becomes effective January 10th unless enough signatures are collected to send this legislation to the voters in June. This bill will prohibit teachers from giving instructions that “promotes a discriminatory bias” against or “reflects adversely upon” any persons because of their “gender” (including transgender) or “sexual orientation.” On the curriculum side, instructional materials likely would be required to specifically include all types of families, not just refer to the biased mommy and daddy type home, or husband and wife in school book depictions. California public schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12 will be affected by this legislation.

A referendum petition is currently being circulated to overturn this legislation. Time is of the essence so please sign this petition so that we, the voters, decide whether or not we want this type of law in California. For further information, go to


Jeanne Bunch
Escondido, CA 92026

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