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Public Pulse May 1st, 2008

The Editor

An Upset Reader

Hello Lyle:

Last Thursday, I tried to post a comment on this North County Times article: "Palomar Pomerado pours concrete for new hospital."

Here is the comment that was not posted:

"Kaiser's Secret Dream Comes True"

"About a third of this new hospital is for Kaiser. PPH has an agreement with Kaiser that PPH has characterized as a trade secret. However, to convince Wall St. to support its bonds, PPH wrote the following last fall, 'Under the Kaiser Agreement, the District is obligated to provide inpatient and outpatient hospital services, primarily at the new PMC hospital, to Kaiser for members of the Health Plan in exchange for fees based upon a schedule the parties have negotiated including a fee for services rendered per diem and a fixed payment for bed availability guarantees. . . . After the District completes and opens the new Palomar Medical Center Campus, the District will be required to provide Kaiser a guaranteed hospital bed capacity. . . . After opening the new PMC hospital, Kaiser will be required to make certain fixed payments to the District. . . . the District has the right of first opportunity to negotiate with Kaiser to develop or participate with Kaiser in developing (at Kaiser's election) any general acute care hospital Kaiser proposes to develop in the District's service area.' The Kaiser agreement was approved in January 2004! It reality, the PPH-Kaiser agreement has been a big political secret!"

Why was my comment not posted? Perhaps my quoting from a PPH document violates the comment editor's policy against: "offensive language, defamatory statements, personal attacks or other questionable content."

My comment was well researched and should have been posted. The PPH document I quoted from is available on my website, 1). Also available are a first denial letter from PPH in which PPH characterizes the Kaiser Agreement as a trade secret not subject to public disclosure under the California Public Records Act, 2); a PPH document projecting Kaiser's need for 137 beds in 2015, 3); a document indicating that the new ERTC hospital will have 300 usable beds, and 60 "shelled" beds needing funding for completion, when the new hospital opens, 4); and a recent denial letter from PPH dated 11/26/2007, 5). The PPH-Kaiser Agreement was approved on 01/20/2004, which was 9 months before the $496 million Proposition BB was submitted to the District's voters, 6).

3) (page 9)
4) (page 22)

Shame on the North County Times for keeping the community in the dark on the PPH-Kaiser Agreement!

/s/Robroy R. Fawcett
Escondido, CA

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