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Public Pulse July 10th, 2008

The Editor

Regarding Mr. Covert and PPH

Dear Lyle:

I am an employee at Palomar Pomerado Health (20+ years)and want to thank you for your excellent coverage of the Covert debacle. The latest issue "The Covert Agenda" helps to explain and reinforce what almost all of the employees at PPH have suspected for many years in respect to the financial mismanagement and iron fist-ed rule of the Covert administration.

Many of us employees have had to sneak "The Community Paper" onto the premises because the publication is now banned from distribution at PPH. I believe I am speaking for the majority of the employees when I say that the administration at PPH constantly wastes money on unnecessary expenditures such as the 2 million dollar, 5 year contract to San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

This at a time when department managers are being asked to make staffing cuts and eliminate overtime, which is a serious compromise to patient care. Most also realize that the construction of the new hospital is another unnecessary expenditure as well as a terrible location both logistically as well as a death sentence to the downtown business district.

Interesting that Mr Covert is remaining silent about the latest accusations and is probably hoping that this will all just blow over. I see similarities between Mr Covert and President George W Bush. Although he constantly makes the wrong decisions that are destroying our economy, he is completely in denial like a serial liar that believes his own lies and is so convincing that he actually brings others on board to believe his lies as well. I just hope that the hospital board wakes up and questions Mr Covert's record and poor decision making before it's too late and he leaves another hospital in shambles.

Please continue to keep us informed through your excellent reporting of the facts and know that many of us at PPH as well as citizens in the community depend on you for the unbiased truth.

(Writer’s name left anonymous by request)

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