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Public Pulse February 25th, 2010

The Editor

A Former Neighbor Pays Us a Visit
I am a former Deputy Sheriff and DA Investigator who has, on occasion, spoken to you over the years. (I live on Citrus several doors down from your old residence at Mission and Citrus.)

I have read your publication for many years and want to congratulate you on the stories you print. They are very informative and well done. Your most recent on "The Mormons" was exceptional.

Hope all is well with you and Evelyn. (Her deceased husband was my son Geoff's, baseball coach.)

/s/Neil Poole

Editor’s Comment: What a lovely note! Evelyn and I both thank you, and, yes, we are both doing well. Evelyn remembers you very well and sends her warm regards. I regret we did not get to know each other when we were neighbors on Citrus Avenue. Perhaps our paths will cross in the near future. I’m sure we have many mutual friends in law enforcement, both active duty and retired.

Didn’t Like the Mormon Cover Story

Lyle: Shameful!

You should be ashamed of the article about Mormons you wrote.

Of course there are historical issues that the church has dealt with poorly. But the way you presented your comments are so biased that any editor’s professionalism you had has been depleted.

I personally plan to call each of your few advertisers and ask that they pull any business they have with you.

Again shameful article.

/s/Matt Weenig

Editor’s Note: It’s interesting the perspective different readers have on a story. I was actually more worried that readers might see a bias in me that was more favorable to Mormons than negative.

The fact is, I love Mormons. I have said many times “I’ve never met a Mormon I didn’t like. (I’ve met a couple that disappointed me, but that’s true of members of any religious faith).”

Longtime friend and Former Escondido City Councilmember, Kris Murphy, recently made a comment that makes a lot of sense to me:

"My approach to the truth is ... If Christ was in fact The Christ, what would His church look like today. I think the LDS church fills that bill.”

I regret you did not enjoy the story. We tried to report it factually and researched it heavily. If you found errors, I’d like to hear about them.

Wartime Memories

Dear Sir:

Reading your article on the Yugoslav guerillas of WWII ( - The Forgotten 500) triggered my memory of a guy named Bob Crinkley.

In the early 1950’s I was employed by Minneapolis Honeywell in Minneapolis. I had almost daily contact with Bob, who was a purchasing agent. Bob had quite a story.

He walked with a severe limp because one leg was about three inches shorter than the other. Bob was a B-24 pilot, and was part of the first raid on the Ploesti oil fields. His plane was badly damaged. One shell came through the cockpit and shattered his femur. He herded his plane out of there and crash landed in Yugoslavia near the Adriatic coast. Mihailovich’s partisans rescued him and hid him in a cave near the coast. Somehow, they contacted the British, and a few days later a British submarine surfaced near the shore. They transferred Bob aboard and took him to a hospital. I believe it was Gibraltar. He eventually healed and was later employed by Honeywell.

One day, years later, he received a call from the Mayo Clinic, asking if he could come down and meet with them. When he arrived he was astounded to meet with the two doctors who had treated him on the sub and at the hospital.

Bob had been a patient at the Clinic and when the doctors mentioned Bob, they were able to locate him. The doctors were surprised at his history. They had not held up much hope for his recovery. They admired his courage during the ordeal.

I left Honeywell in 1956, so I lost track of Bob, but I will never forget him.

/s/Russel E. Myrom
San Marcos, Ca.

Liked the Mormon Cover Story

Hi, lyle ... Love "The Paper" and your article on the Mormons, both church and people, is one of the best, balanced, and informative reports I have seen! Though not a member, my ongoing contacts with Escondido and San Diego groups have been totally favorable and rewarding.

Now, on a totally different topic ... can nothing be done to consolidate your various news items and avoid the multiple switching, "Cont. on Page X'?

/s/Tony Widgery

Editor’s Note: We’ll try, Tony. Often, the circumstances do not all . . . but we shall try.


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