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Featured Merchants April 22nd, 2010


Valuable Free Gift Offered at Bridal Bazaar

photoGems N’ Loans, North County’s premiere dealer in fine gems and other forms of jewelry will be on hand at this year’s Bridal Bazaar at Del Mar Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall, I-5 at Via de la Valle, this Sunday, April 25th, from 10am through 4pm.

Show organizers report approximately 200 booths featuring a wide variety of exhibitors that are of interest to both brides and grooms as well as families of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Mack Hembree, owner of Gems N’ Loans, says, “we recognize getting started as newlyweds is an exciting and wonderful time of life. We are delighted to be able to present to everyone who attends this Bridal Bazaar a lovely gift kit designed to polish and keep the glow on engagement and wedding rings as well as other jewelery for years to come!"

Staff members will be on hand at the Bridal Bazaar from 11am on to hand out the gift kits and to answer any questions that visitors to the Bridal Bazaar might have about Gems N’ Loans. Gems N’ Loans have three conventient locations in North San Diego County, Oceanside, Vista, and Escondido, as well as a newly opened facility in Temecula.

A San Diego tradition for 35 years, brides have voted Bridal Bazaar “Best San Diego Bridal Show” every year since the award’s inception.

Tickets are $10 at the door, but the gift kit from Gems N’ Loan is free. Look for the staff members from Gems N’ Loan with the large number of gift kits. They’ll be the ones with the friendly smiling faces.



Randy Rides Again!

Randy Taylor, Owner, Escondido Mattress Factory

Time was in these parts when it wasn’t prudent to go out and visit your local mattress store. Quality was not top grade, deliveries were not on time, and the pricing was ridiculous.

“This town needs a proper mattress factory,” the stranger said, as he rode into town.

“Why, I can build folks in these parts mattresses that will compare to the finest mattresses built in Europe. My trusty sidekick, Raul, and I have done this for years. We’re gonna start us up a brand, spanking new mattress factory. Lessee now, what will we call it? I know! We’ll call it “The Mattress Factory!”

That was over 50 years ago.

That slender western hero (western Arkansas) is still here. He’s still slender, too. But he’s a few years older. He’s in his 80’s now. And he still has customers clamoring for his mattresses. They know a good thing when they see it. And sleep on it. Whether cowpoke or King, everyone likes a good night’s rest . . and that’s what you get on a mattress made by The Mattress Factory of Escondido.

Fine, hand crafted, professional manufacture of the finer things in life. in North San Diego . . . at Escondido Mattress Factory, 1281 Simpson Way, Escondido. Yep, Randy Taylor is a Master Craftsman. He builds the finest mattresses available . . . he’ll build custom mattresses . . . for antique beds . . . or for standard size beds.

photoHe’s seen it all . . . he’s done it all . . he refuses to go the mass mattress manufacture route. They only build one sided mattresses. He lovingly builds you double sided mattress, ensuring you, and your family, of sweet dreams for years. Randy builds several mattresses a day. He has to in order to keep up with demand. He also has a beautiful, large, showroom - all the better to show you the variety of mattresses he offers. He rode in to Escondido on his mighty white stallion way back in 1954 . . .and has earned the respect and continued loyalty of his customers ever since.

They know his quality is top notch and enjoy doing business with a nice, honorable, caring man. Whether it’s a mattress for a crib, a standard size, or antique, he’s up to the task. “My customers keep coming back,” he says. “We’ve made and sold mattresses to the children of some of our customers. They know we care . . . and they know quality when they see it. Or sleep on it.”

Randy and his trusty sidekick, Raul, continue to keep a watchful eye on the market place - making sure that the men, women and children of this region have only the finest of mattresses to sleep on.

They’re quite a pair, Randy and Raul. They know the best way to really win the West is to provide all the people with finely crafted mattresses that let them lay their heads down in solid comfort every night. Go on, grab that phone and give ‘em a call: 760.745.5336 or 760.746.5336.

Custom Handcrafted Mattresses & Box Springs
New Mattresses • Box Springs
Factory & Showroom - 1281 Simpson Way
760.745.5336 • 760.746.5336


Raul, Randy’s Trusty Sidekick







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