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Letters to the Editor

Message: To Frederick Gomez:

I enjoyed the article on U.F.O.s. From the brief information that you provide on the phenomenon in the US, it appears that you are very well versed in the folkloric dimensions. I would like to offer a book title that I am sure you would enjoy; UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record, by Leslie Kean, 2010.

This book only deals with the subject of UFOs/UAPs from the point of view of Generals and professionals whose government's have tasked to investigate the phenomenon.

/s/Mike Trethowan

Message: Dear Editor:

How could you not want to read "FLYING SAUCERS...are they real?" The headline and graphic is just too enticing, so I shoved it under my arm for some fun reading material.

I found Frederick's cover story wonderfully educational and objective. Disseminating fact from fiction, given this subject matter, is very difficult, however Mr Gomez disects the material and neatly places little piles of printed logic in an organized fashion for easy consumption.

Thanks for adding clarity to a confusing subject.

/s/Miguel Romero
My Ink Printing
Escondido, CA.

More on Frederick Gomez:

Lyle, the story by Gomez is very enlightening and awakening. He mentioned the movie "War of the Worlds" which is a fine movie that shows a possible attack from another aggressive planet.

He could have mentioned a movie that has a far more reaching message to earth, even though it was made 60 years ago, and still has the same message today. The movie is "The Day the Earth Stood Still." The movie has a very strong message to all of us on earth from a peaceful planet.

Since we have been headed to self destruction since the beginning of time, I don`t believe we will change our ways. Even though this movie is fiction it carries a very, very real believable message.

/s/Angelo Caruso
Escondido, CA.


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