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Man About Town

Stephen HeilmanWe get out a lot to visit North San Diego County cities. It’s a hustling, bustling place this northern part of the county. Lots of neat people making their mark on the world . . . setting up businesses or professions . . making all kinds of new friends and clients . . . and we are pleased to take note of them and introduce them to you.

That handsome gent smiling out at you may possibly already know. He’s been so active in his Escondido Kiwanis Club (past President) and being a community volunteer that a lot of folks have gotten to know him and his easy going style and ready smile.

When he’s not helping out in the community, he’s helping his patients deal with back, hip, leg pain, sciatica, scoliosis . . . a variety of ailments respond to the tender and gentle treatment of the good doctor, Dr. Stephen Heilman.

A 1999 graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, this native of Orange County opened his practice in North County in 2003.

Since that time, he has had extensive ongoing education classes, including an in depth training class in Charlotte, North Carolina, all geared toward his remarkable Kennedy Neuro-Flex Decompression Traction Table. Dr. Heilman raves about the success he’s had with this decompression traction table . . . and his patients are equally excited.

Perhaps that’s why you always see Dr. Steve smiling . . . because he knows he’s helping his community both chiropractically as well as being a heavy duty volunteer.

His practice is located at 245 W El Norte Pkwy, Suite C. Just look for the handsome, smiling guy. That’s Dr. Steve. Or call him, at 760.480.4480.


I couldn’t be happier to acknowledge this next fella.

JohnJohn Icenogle is a young man Evelyn and I met when he was waiting tables at a local restaurant. We were taken with his bright, cheery attitude and his attention to service and detail.

I happened to mention him to Mack Hembree, the genial owner of Gems N Loans, the upscale pawn business in North County. I knew Mack was looking for people with this type of personality. I arranged a meeting and Mack hired John on the spot.

Well, the reason John has such a happy look on his face is he was just named the Employee of the Year at the recent Annual Employees Party for Gems N Loans. He was one of 12 star employees honored and he’s been with Gems N Loans less than a year! John has also been serving as Interim Manager at the all-new Temecula store of Gems N Loans. Said Mack Hembree . . . “We’re very happy with John. He has a solid, positive attitude and his customers absolutely love him! He has made consistent progress and learned a great deal!

There were over 60 employees at the recent Gems N Loans Annual Recognition Party. A great many employees earned not only recognition but nice cash awards as well.

Mack Hembree has built his upscale pawn business to five stores, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, Temecula, and, most recently, Valley Center.



Angel MartinezHere in Escondido, Angel Martinez, who was just named manager of the Escondido store in November of 2009, was recognized as the Store of the Year, for having shown the most growth and improvement of all five stores.

Collectively, the employees were honored for having reached a 91% loan base, a 48% in gross profit on sales, a 34% increase in total volume . . . all of these increases were measured against 2009.

Evelyn and I are mighty proud of having ‘discovered’ John Icenogle, and of his rapid rise in the business. Our congrats to Angel Martinez as well, and to all the great staff at Gems N Loans.





AlexAlex Teran, the always busy, always friendly proprietor of AMW (Alex Motor Works) in Escondido continues to be busy but just gets even more busy because of special offers he makes.

For example, those of you who are planning on buying a car would be well advised to run it over to AMW and have Alex and his staff do a buyer’s inspection. A Buyer’s Inspection includes a full inspection exterior, interior, lights, all levels of lubricants, brake inspection, frame - the key elements you need to know to make a wise purchase. The cost? A mere $85. Money wisely invested to ensure you are buying a good, solid car. (Inspection does not include compression check.) Once the inspection is complete, Alex will test drive the vehicle before giving you the final report.

Sometimes people think that Alex Motor Works only works on engines. Nope. If it has to do with cars, chances are Alex can check it out, diagnose the problem, and fix it. This includes the electrical system, timing belt, brakes, you name it.

And, while he’s known for working on Mercedes, Audi, BMW’s and the exotic cars of the world, he also handles domestic cars regularly.

While AMW stands for Alex Motor Works, it also stands for Fine Craftmanship!

Alex Teran has built an enviable reputation with both his customers, his suppliers, and his colleagues in the automotive industry for turning out fine craftsmanship when it comes to diagnosing and repairing cars, particularly the European cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Volvo. Located at 232 Vinewood, Escondido, Alex says, “I chose to relocate to a slightly smaller garage so I could cut down on the overhead and be able to continue to charge less than most auto mechanic repair shops.”

Alex and his brother, Arturo, have become legendary for their ability to pinpoint mechanical problems and then repairing them. He uses 99% OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts on all of his repairs. Owners who are very picky about who works on their cars head toward Alex Teran. That’s why AMW has grown over the years. Alex has 20 years of experience working on German cars but works on all makes and models.

You can reach Alex Teran at AMW by calling 760.741.7250.


Is Your Jewelry Clean & Attractive?
by Hank Jordan

Anyone can enter any of the Gems N’ Loans stores here in North County and receive free jewelry cleaning while they look around at the bargain merchandise for sale. They walk out realizing they can come back anytime and buy bargains at the store as well as selling unwanted jewelry items or borrowing cash.

Many first time drop-in customers, just looking around, shopping for bargains, are surprised when they walk in the upscale stores. They did not expect to see such high quality merchandise for sale, tastefully displayed in a well-lighted clean environment. The stores do not put up for sale any damaged items. All the jewelry, for example, looks as good as new. Their diamond rings and other gemstones have been appraised and certified by GIA experts.

Who can tell by looking at a piece of jewelry if it is brand new or old and cared for? Why not buy and wear previously-owned fine jewelry, which can be bought at a small fraction of the cost of identical designs sold in retail stores? Also, you can wear the jewelry once or twice and then trade it in for a fresh design. For men and women, high end watches, such as the Rolex, are available at ridiculous prices. Of course, the inventory at each store changes often, but the friendly and helpful employees will search all the stores if you are looking for something specific that is not there.

Angel MartinezAngel Martinez, the store manager in Escondido for Gems N Loans is an example of the quality-conscious employees throughout the four stores in North County. He has been with the company for five years, and was made manager in December, 2010. He states he is very, very happy being part of the company.

We are always looking to buy jewelry. You can sell it to us and get cash immediately, instead of waiting around for a consignment store to sell your things at a commission.

One of the four Gems N’ Loans stores in North San Diego County.

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