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Commentary May 24, 2006


Untitled Document

Our Endorsements

For Congress,
50th District

Brian Bilbray

This, to us, is a no-brainer. Brian Bilbray has the endorsement of major players in the political world, seasoned elected officials that have proven they are dependable. Assemblyman Mark Wyland, Newt Gingrich, Former House Speaker, Father Joe Carroll, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and, now, The Paper.

The Number One Issue in this election is Illegal Immigration. Bilbray has been in the lead on this issue for years. Unlike many other candidates for office, he didn’t just pick it up as a conveneient campaign issue. Bilbray, who served in the House from 1994 to 2000, long has been a national leader on the issue, both inside and outside of government. He is the type who will do something about it rather than just talk about it. He has consistently been very strong against illegal immigration. Even after leaving Congress he worked on this effort with the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The Democratic candidate, Busby, doesn’t have a clue about illegal immigration. Nor a record. Bilbray is a hard-liner on illegal immigration and should be sent to Congress.

For State Senate

Mark Wyland

Like Bilbray, Mark Wyland has been wrestling with the illegal immigration issue during his entire tenure as Assemblyman for the 74th District. He has earned his spurs as an Assemblyman, he’ll make a fine State Senator. While he is running unopposed, we need to salute him for his efforts and reward him by sending him to the State Senate.

San Diego County Supervisor

Bruce Thompson

We urge our readers to send Bill Horn into retirement and support Bruce Thompson for Supervisor.

We have found Bill Horn to be arrogant, abrasive, unresponsive to the community, vindictive, and conniving. (Shall we talk about his successful effort to gerrymander North County and grab the wealthy areas of Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad and Fairbanks Ranch and turn up his nose at lil ol’ Escondido?)

He makes a major foul-up in filing his financial statements, not reporting a substantial income he has received from his Chief of Staff and thus violating well known state disclosure rules. He has campaigned hard to give himself a 25 percent raise . . . while the county is working to refinance a $1.2 billion debt in an underfunded pension plan. He ‘forgets’ to provide housing that is up to code for his migrant workers . . . yet he is in a position of power, making and passing legislation that would punish those of us who are mere mortals and make such a slip-up.

We’ve met Bruce Thompson, the former assemblyman from Fallbrook. He appears to have the credentials to do a fine job as our new supervisor. He enjoys the endorsements of some major players in the political world. The fact that they did not endorse Horn speaks volumes. Thompson’s endorsements include Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, and former Rep. Ron Packard. He has shown he is a good listener to his constituents, and does not possess the raw arrogance of Horn.

We believe Bruce Thompson will do a much better job than Bill Horn.

We think it is high time we retire Mr. Horn and welcome Mr. Thompson to the Board of Supervisors.





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