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Public Pulse May 24, 2006

Letters to the Editor

An Open Letter to the City of San Marcos – City Council

This email is in support of Rey & Linda Rodriquez regarding the room addition and the lawsuit filed by the city. I urge you, as our representatives to review this again, granting a variance to the Rodriquez family or at the very least, supporting a reversal of the city’s actions.

I’ve known Mr. Rodriquez and his family for approximately 9 months and have followed the situation with the city’s pursuit of removal/demolition of the room addition to his home on Wintergreen Place. This situation is a direct result of errors by city staff and is an issue of accountability by the city in response to those errors.

As homeowners we pay fees to the city for permitting and in doing so, we expect the inspection and the permit process done by their representative to be accurate. The city needs to accept responsibility for the actions of their representative who authorized the construction progress. The minor variance in the construction should have been approved when presented to the planning commission and city council – solely due to the city’s authorized representative’s oversight.

The city’s response that they can’t be responsible for accurate measurements is unacceptable. Why then do we need their representative present at the site to sign off on documentation and why do we pay them for it if the signature is meaningless?

In this case, the city should be held responsible for not finding and documenting any required change before construction was complete and in no way should Mr. Rodriquez be responsible in paying out of pocket to demolish the completed construction. Mr Rodriquez did not intentionally disregard any instruction by the city to change the plans during the construction process and it is embarrassing to the city to pursue this after their representative signed off and approved.

As a homeowner, I would hate to think that this could happen to any one of us.

Kate Kovrig
San Marcos CA

Please add my support for Rey and Linda Rodriquez. The City should either grant a variance or have the issue resolved at no cost to the Rodriquez Family.
-Jeanne Henderson

I support Rey and Linda. Shame on you San Marcos city council.
-Dolly Gomez

Editor’s Note:

We received similar letters (which space does not allow publication, at least for this week) from:

Sister Margaret O'Rourke, dmj
Sister Enda Creegan, dmj
Sister Sheila Collins, D.M.J.
Sister Margaret O'Rourke, dmj
Sister Pauline Knapp, DMJ
Sister Rosanne McGrath, RSM
Sister Margaret Mary Haller, DMJ
Mary Limoges
Paula and Gabe Barton
Deacon Richard and Emmaline Jansing
Lupy Lopez, Minden, NV
Elizabeth Capalia
Bob Schmeiser

Who to call if you feel strongly
about this issue:

Mayor Corky Smith
Councilmember Pia Harris
Councilmember Hal Martin
Councilmember Jim Desmond
Councilmember Mike Preston
City Manager Rick Gittings

All of the above can be reached at 744.1050, then ask for each individual and the receptionist will connect you with the appropriate office.

Letters should be sent to:
City of San Marcos
1 Civic Center Drive
San Marcos, CA. 92069





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