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Local News May 24, 2006


New San Marcos Poolside Climbing Wall Set To Elevate Woodland Pool Swimming Season

As of last Saturday the patrons of the Woodland Park Pool in San Marcos will have a new adventure, a new AquaClimb poolside climbing wall.

“The AquaClimb adds a whole new dimension of fun,” said Craig Sargent-Beach, Assistant Community Services Director, The City of San Marcos. “We’re continually looking for opportunities to add new elements to our pools that attract all ages.”

The AquaClimb is an innovative modular wall system based on one meter by one meter fiberglass non-slip, panels and moveable, resin-based handholds. The climbing wall extends into the pool to ease ascent by swimmers and sits at an angle over the water to ensure climbers safely fall back into the water from any height. All climbers must pass a swim test before using the AquaClimb.

Older kids enjoy the deep water challenge of the AquaClimb.
“We’re anticipating that the AquaClimb together with “The Loop,” our 50 foot waterslide, will produce a big summer for the Woodland Park Pool,” added Sargent-Beach. "Kids rise to the challenge of scrambling up the AquaClimb and making spectacular splashes as they fall back into the pool.”

The Woodland Park Pool recorded 23,575 visitors in 2005.

Woodland Park Pool is located at 671 Woodland Parkway, San Marcos.

San Diego Minutemen Endorse Marie Waldron for 74th Assembly Seat Waldron

The San Diego Minutemen announced their endorsement of Marie Waldron for the 74th Assembly seat, saying she is the only candidate in the race with a proven record of fighting against illegal immigration.

Waldron has served on the Escondido City Council for 8 years and has been active in fighting illegal immigration. Most notable, last year, Waldron authored a resolution to support the CA Border Police Act, making Escondido the first city in the nation to officially oppose illegal immigration by a 3-2 vote, Councilmembers Ron Newman and Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler opposing the resolution.

She has also worked to eliminate city funding for non-profits who assist illegal immigrants and fought the distribution of the matricular card at a local school fair.

Irv Erdos Leaves ‘Em Laughing at Hidden Valley Kiwanis ‘Special Guest Day’

Well known North County Times columnist Irv Erdos was the guest speaker at this year’s annual ‘Special Guest Day” held by the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club of Escondido.

A packed room enjoyed the humorist’s comments about life in general, his life as a columnist, and, of course, his family.

Generally conceded to be one of the wittiest writers around, Erdos is also one of the more gifted humorists . . . often appearing before groups and on occasion, even staging a one man show at the Center for the Arts, Escondido.

‘Special Guest Day’ is a day when members of the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club invites potential members in to get acquainted with the club and its mission. It’s primary mission it to serve children and it is very active in a variety of fund raising activities, the biggest one of which is the annual Dixon Lake Trout Derby sponsored by the Club. This year they grossed approximately $14,000.

Persons interested in attending a Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club meeting are welcome to just drop in any Tuesday morning at 7am at the Cocina del Charro Restaurant at 525 N. Quince, Escondido.

Wyland Bill to Reduce Housing Prices Passes Assembly

Bill Will Limit Fees on
New Housing

The Assembly recently passed AB 2751, a bill authored by Assemblyman Mark Wyland (R-74) that will help reduce the cost of new homes by limiting fees that local governments can require when a new home is constructed.

“The bipartisan support this legislation has received is an indication of just how widely recognized the problem of excessive fees on new homes has become,” said Wyland. “It’s important that the government eliminate artificial barriers to home ownership in California. This bill does just that.”

Specifically, AB 2751 requires that fees charged by local governments on new homes be based only on the costs of improving public facilities directly related to the development project. Cities and counties often charge home buyers fees for facilities and infrastructure that, while lacking, are not directly impacted by new housing developments. These fees can add tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of a new home.

Free Smoke Detector Inspections Available for San Marcos Senior Citizens

The San Marcos Fire Department offers a “Senior Smoke Detector Program” to combat an alarming national trend. The fire death rate among people over the age of 65 is twice as high as the national average, according to the United States Fire Administration (USFA). In addition, the fire death rate among people between ages 75 and 85 is three times the national average and after 85, it increases to four times the national average.

The most significant factor that determines if a structure fire victim will survive is the presence of a working smoke detector. It is important that everyone ensures that they have properly installed smoke detectors in their homes and that they test them regularly to make sure they will work during a fire. However, for senior citizens the importance of smoke detectors is magnified.

The San Marcos Fire Department has teamed up with the Burn Institute to provide our community’s senior citizens assistance with maintaining, and if necessary, installing or replacing residential smoke detectors.

The Senior Smoke Detector Program has been in place for over two years and has provided hundreds of smoke detector inspections for senior citizens. The inspections are conducted by Senior Fire Volunteers, who are members of the San Marcos Fire Department Fire Corps. Fire Corps volunteers are individuals who donate their time and energy to promoting fire safety in San Marcos.

Past inspections conducted by San Marcos Senior Volunteers have revealed that more than 60% of smoke detectors found in homes were not working properly and would not have alerted residents during a fire. The program has also determined that most detectors that are older than 10 years should be replaced. The test button on residential smoke detectors may not indicate that the detector is functioning properly. The Senior Smoke Detector Program tests smoke detectors with an aerosol procedure, which is an accurate test of the devices’ reliability.

To qualify for a free inspection, you must be a senior citizen age 55 or older, resident in the City of San Marcos and desire assistance in determining if your smoke detector is in good working condition.

For more information, or to request a free inspection, please contact the San Marcos Fire Department at 744.1050, extention 3405, or visit the website at





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