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The Computer Buzz September 14, 2006

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


Junkware, Shovelware and Decrappification.

The "package PC" sellers like Dell, Compaq/HP, Gateway/E-Machine etc are offering entry-level packages at unbelievably low prices. How do they do it and stay in business?

For starters, these "package PCs" are put together using cheap "third world" labor at "no name," third party Asian assembly plants using low-end components, minimal configurations, passe technology and bottom end peripherals (printers/monitors). It really doesn't matter which brand you choose, the only significant difference is the logo.

But even all that doesn't account for the sub $500 pricing on these low end "Package PCs." They retail at prices near or below the cost of manufacture and distribution. How can that be?
Remember seven or eight years ago when you could get a $500 rebate with the purchase of a $600 PC? The kicker was two fold. First you had to agree to a three-year contract with Compu-Serve or AOL that would eventually cost you about $1000. Secondly, Compu-Serve and AOL were paying the computer companies large "bounties" on each "package PC" sold.

Today's "package PC" specials are first cousins to that old scam. Dell, Compaq etc. are being paid huge "bounties" to turn your new PC into an advertising billboard by loading up PC packages with a variety of SPAM known in the industry as "Shovelware" or "Junkware."

The unsightly, unwanted Junkware litters the desktop, clogs user screens and consumes CPU and RAM resources. Some of these programs also use your resources to report your Internet surfing patterns for the purpose of targeting you and your PC for additional SPAM and Spy-ware.

All major brand PCs are loaded with Junkware. A Dell E310 has over 20 of these Junkware programs imbedded in its factory OEM software. None of the manufacturers will discuss how much they are paid to include the Junkware programs but it's rumored that Junkware payments account for 100% of PC company PC sales profits. It is conceivable that the Junkware companies paid more for your new Compaq or Dell than you did.

In catering to their Junkware clients, Dell, Compaq and the rest have made it extremely difficult to remove the junkware. One irritated engineer,Jason York, actually wrote a program called "The Dell Decrapifier" and made it available on the Internet. PC World Magazine reviewed "decrapifier" in the September issue.

Since none of the major PC sellers provide an actual operating system disc, users can't get rid of the Junkware. by simply reloading Windows. We, however can and here's how.

We reformat your Junkware laden Dell, Compaq etc and load Windows XP using a real Windows XP disc and your own Windows operating system license. Next we download the device drivers from the Internet and install them. Finally we give you a disc copy of Windows XP and your device drivers. The cost is $95 and you are forever "decrappified."

Questions? Call us: 744.4315





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