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Local News September 14, 2006


Area Legislators Meet With the Public

The Lake San Marcos Republican Women, Federated, recently hosted a barbeque and invited the "who's who" from the political arena. Giving an update on what's happening within their confines were Congressman Brian Bilbray; Assemblymen Mark Wyland and George Plescia; Mindy Fletcher, Gov. Schwarzenegger's representative, Candidate Larry Kincaid for Superior Court Judge, Jeff Schwilk from the San Diego Minutemen project, and Mark & Tori Baird of the Hire a Patriot project.

Congressman Bilbray announced that two events have caused major changes in the way Congress is looking at their role in government and how they need to proceed - the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01 and more recent the demonstrations that have plagued cities throughout the country, with Mexican flags being waived throughout and American flags being flown upside down beneath Mexican flags.

Assemblymen Wyland and Plescia gave updates on the state level and local level within their districts, and talked briefly about a couple of the propositions on the ballot. Also, it was brought out that when Gray Davis left office the state had a $25 Billion (that's billion, with a "b") deficit. In just these few short years, that deficit has been reduced to $5 Billion.

Both Jeff Schwilk and Mark Baird talked about their projects with regard to the illegal issue and asked for help in solving the hiring of illegals for employment in all areas. Instead, there are many servicemen and women wanting and needing extra jobs to make ends meet. Contact them both for information about their programs; Jeff at or webiste at, and Mark at or website at

Tri-City CEO To Get a Raise?

Local observers are scratching their heads wondering what the Tri-City Medical Center's governing board is thinking of when considering a $21,000 base pay raise for its president and chief executive officer when the hospital district is scheduling another bond issue, after the first bond issue failed.

Chief executive Arthur Gonzalez currently earns $436,000 per year. With the proposed raise he will receive $457,100 per year.

Board President Larry Schallock: "You have to look at what the standard in the industry is for CEO salaries, but certainly public perceptions are a concern as well."

Tri-City supporters are pushing Prop. T, the public hospital's $596 million construction and renovation bond on the Nov. 7 general election ballot. Prop. F, the hospital's first attempt at a hospital bond, narrowly failed to gain the two-thirds majority necessary for success in the June 6 primary. In the runup to Prop. F's defeat, some cited Gonzalez's pay as a reason why they would vote no on the hospital bond.

Corky Smith Looks for Fourth Term as San Marcos Mayor

He’s 76 years old but is far from being put out to pasture . . . at least that’s his view. He’s always been able to count on the voters of San Marocs to put him back into office, even when outspent by a considerable

He’s a folksy, smart like a fox, hard working member of the San Marcos group of legislators that run this city. He’s up against a political newcomer, Councilman Jim Desmond. He thinks his years of service and accomplishments will bring him one more term in office. He has served six terms on the council and three terms as the mayor, and served before that as a member of the city Planning Commission.

Friend and foe alike shake their heads and smile . . . and wonder how Corky gets along without computers or cell phones. He doesn’t have either one. Doesn’t want them. Faxes, either. He’s still a country boy at heart . . . and he still sees San Marcos as a generally rural area, but one that has grown with the times.
Smith said he wants to stay on for at least one more term ---- but he's not ruling out two ---- to see several projects to their conclusion. He looks forward to the campaign, he says, and welcomes the opportunity for voters to head for the polls again.

Mule Hill Hike Scheduled

The City of San Marcos Community Services Depart-ment will sponsor a hike on the Mule Hill Historical trail on Saturday, October 7, 2006, at 9:00 a.m.

This easy, mostly flat hike will head east through Highland Valley from the Sikes Adobe toward Raptor Ridge (six miles round-trip). A more difficult hike will be offered to Raptor Ridge (10 miles round-trip with a 400’ elevation change). This trail is part of the San Dieguito River Park that will some day extend from Del Mar to Julian. Visit for more information on the historical significance of this trail.

An adult must accompany all minors. Participants should bring binoculars, water and trail snacks. Waffle-soled shoes are recommended. For further information on the hikes or the City's trails please call 744-9000 x 3505 or 3508.

Cielo Link Trails To Open

In a related story to the scheduled Mule Hill hike, the Olivenhein Municipal Water District announces that The Cielo Link Trail will open on Saturday, at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. The trail opening ceremony will be at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday September 23, 2006, at 19090 Via Ambiente Road, Encinitas.

The trail will benefit the community by enhancing the recreational opportunities at the Reserve. The addition of this trail provides the means for the Reserve to be linked to other trails in the south and west which will provide access to the County’s Master Trails Program in the future. The trail establishes migratory corridors for local wildlife and regional trail linkages for recreation enthusiasts.

The 750 acre Elfin Forest Reserve currently offers approximately 14 miles of hiking, mountain biking, equestrian trails, primitive picnic areas, and scenic mountain viewing points. In addition, the natural beauty of the Reserve includes such native plant communities as oak riparian, oak woodland, coastal sage scrub and chaparral. For more information on the Reserve call (760) 632-4212 or visit

Grand Plaza Center Coming Together

The 33 acre Grand Plaza Shopping Center near Highway 78 and Las Posas Road is filling out quite nicely, officials report.

November 16th is the anticipated grand opening of the center, featuring nine anchor tenants as well as several smaller tenants. Most recently, Sprouts Farmers Market signed a long-term lease
Nov. 16th. Major tenants include Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, Loehmann’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sport Chalet, Petco, Shoe Pavilion, Ulta Cosmetics, Elephant Bar Restaurant and Chili’s as well as some smaller fast food places are anticipated shortly. Plans seem to be going along smoothly with no major obstacles.





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