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Public Pulse October 12, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Usually, we think that 'ingenuous politician' is an oxymoron. However, I am happy to support the candidacy of Jim Desmond for Mayor of San Marcos as a true exception to this rule. One of Jim's great strengths is that he is driven to do only what is best for our city. No hidden agenda. No special interest groups. Jim listens carefully to both sides of the issues confronting San Marcos before making an informed decision and pursuing a course which is best for us, the citizens of San Marcos.

Our current mayor, Corky Smith, has said that Jim is inexperienced in civic matters, but this is just not true. Jim has been actively involved in various aspects of civic responsibility [including the EDC, the Planning Commission, the City Council, etc.] for over 12 years.

We do not always agree; no two people ever do. However, when we disagree, I always know that Jim's motivation is pure and altruistic and that he is driven only by the desire to do what is right for the community.

Corky Smith has also said that Jim says that Corky is "too old"; Jim has never said this, so I believe it is our mayor's way of trying to influence the 'AARP vote' against Jim. Well, I am an AARPer, and Jim certainly has my vote. It was he, remember, and not the Mayor, who got the Senior's Transportation System instituted this year.

A professional pilot, a good family man, and a good friend to us all.

For the good of San Marcos, I strongly recommend a vote for Jim Desmond!

/s/Lee Christensen
San Marcos, Ca.





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